CRA3/4/3 - Rolling Stock Repair and Maintenance

Paperwork on repairs carried out on CR rolling stock.

Archive Record



CRA3/4/3/1 St Rollox – New Wagon Wheels on Hand 1910
CRA3/4/3/2 Acknowledgement – Repairs Garnqueen – Grangemouth 14 January 1919
CRA3/4/3/3 Locomotive Repair Form for CR 810, 0-6-0T 1 February 1920
CRA3/4/3/4 Withdrawal data for ex CR locos post 1923 nd
CRA3/4/3/5 Copy of BR engine history card for BR 57566 (ex CR 828) nd
CRA3/4/3/6 Register of Cylinders finished and delivered 1904 - 1914 1914
CRA 3/4/3/7 Standard Documentation for Main Works (Production Planning) April 1945