CRA3/7/2 - Technical rail records

Information on Caledonian Railway routes, including gradient charts and signalling information.

Archive Record



CRA3/7/2/1 Engineers Notebook –Gradient charts for Carlisle to Edinburgh and Castlecary 1848
CRA3/7/2/2 Traders Sidings and Branches–Engineers Office, Sales item CRA1/6/10 28 June 1899
CRA3/7/2/3 Index of Lines, Connections, Amalgamations, Sales item CRA1/6/11 1902
CRA3/7/2/4 Index of Lines and Addenda 1902
CRA3/7/2/5 Gradient Chart – Euston to Glasgow, LNWR 17 March 1903
CRA3/7/2/6 Grangemouth Harbour and Docks May 1907
CRA3/7/2/7 Denburn South Junction – partial opening 31 May 1914
CRA3/7/2/8 Aberdeen Central Signal Box – Opening 4 October 1914
CRA3/7/2/9 List of Goods Stations, Depots and Sidings, Sales item CRA1/6/23 1 January 1915
CRA3/7/2/10 Gradient Chart – Lesmahagow Junction to Aberdeen – No. 2 (2) 14 October 1920
CRA3/7/2/11 Gradient Chart – Glasgow to Edinburgh and Callander and Oban – No. 3 (2) 14 October 1920
CRA3/7/2/12 Gradient Chart – Edinburgh to Glasgow – No. 3 14 October 1920
CRA3/7/2/13 Supplement to List of Goods Stations, etc.,Sales item CRA1/6/29 1 July 1921
CRA3/7/2/14 Caledonian Railway Mileage of Lines 1922
CRA3/7/2/15 Lesmahagow Branch – Gradient Chart, LMS 1925
CRA3/7/2/16 Relocated to CRA3/10/1  
CRA3/7/2/17 Goods Stations on the LMS with Map, LMS 1925
CRA3/7/2/18 Gradient Charts (six items), LMS
  • Scotland Carlisle – Glasgow (St Enochs) and Glasgow Central – Edinburgh
  • Carlisle – Glasgow Central and Strawfrank Junction – Mansel Street
  • Lesmahagow Junction – Aberdeen
  • Glasgow and surroundings
  • Edinburgh and surroundings
  • Airdrie and surroundings
CRA3/7/2/19 Gradient Chart – Northern Division No. 11, LMS 1930
CRA3/7/2/20 List of Stations and Map, LMS 1939
CRA3/7/2/21 Permanent Way Inspectors Districts, BR 1956
CRA3/7/2/22 Speed / Gradient Diagram – Carlisle to Glasgow Central, BR January 1974
CRA3/7/2/23 Blank - Relocated to CRA6/5/1  
CRA3/7/2/24 Signalling Data- Large bound volume assembled by Stuart Rankin (currently unavailable while contents are rationalised)  
CRA3/7/2/25 Signalling Diagrams, Sales item, 223 items These are split into two folders and filed in numerical sequence. listed as CRA3/7/2/25
CRA3/7/2/26 Blank - Relocated to CRA9/2/24  
CRA3/7/2/27 Signal Box – Register – Scotland, by F. Alexander & E.S. Nicoll (1990). All Signal Box opening, closing dates and locations listed alphabetically by pre-grouping Company, accompanied by line diagrams of the railway systems.  
CRA3/7/2/28 List of stations and other signal boxes for passenger lines 1895
CRA3/7/2/29 List of lines maintained 1 July 1899
CRA3/7/2/30 List of goods stations, sidings and collieries 1 May 1905
CRA3/7/2/31 Southern and Eastern District showing lengths of main and branch lines 30 July 1913
CRA3/7/2/32 Routing of traffic, LMS January 1923
CRA3/7/2/33 Scottish Distance Book, Lesmahagow, LMS, 1940
CRA3/7/2/34 List of engineering, shipbuilding and related works in the Clyde District to which the CR carries traffic, includes map {DI}  
CRA3/7/2/35 Gradient profile of LMSR(Caledonian) Line Carlisle to Glasgow; scale ½ inch to 1 mile. Drawn by A.W.G. Watson. Original source not recorded. March 1929
CRA3/7/2/36 Gradient diagrams Glasgow – Gourock & Wemyss Bay; Sanquhar – Gretna; Ayr – Girvan, Dalmellington, Holehouse Jn. ND, but believed LMS  
CRA3/7/2/37 Gradient diagrams (44) for LMS lines in Scotland. Includes CR, HR, & G&SWR. Listed as CRA3/7/2/37 ND, but believed LMS  
CRA3/7/2/38 Gradient plan and levels, Alloa and South Alloa to main line. Also shows all junctions, bridges, and other detail. Pre Grouping. ND
CRA3/7/2/39 Gradient plan and levels, Brechin and Montrose branches. Also shows all junctions, bridges, and other detail. 1868
CRA3/7/2/40 Engineer’s Notebook – Southern and Eastern Division 1902-1906