CRA4/2/1/1 - Caledonian Railway Official Postcards

Colour unless otherwise noted.

Archive Record


Alsop Ref.


  Wee St Rollox, Officers Engines 1  
  CR 17 & Driver Soutar after record run 2  
  CR 600, Standard Mineral Engine 3  
  Earliest Garnkirk Engine, CR 50 4  
  CR 812, Standard Goods Engine 5  
  CR 140, Standard Passenger Engine 6  
  Glasgow - Coatbridge, Euston Train, Beattock Summit 7  
  Conveying Paper for Glasgow Evening News 9  
  WC Sleeping Saloon, Highest Award St Louis 11  
  Corridor Compo Brake, Dining Saloon (table set for dinner) 12  
  1831 Coatbridge to Glasgow, 1906 Corridor passing Beattock 14  
  Grampian Corridor Train (actually WCJS) 17  
  New Clyde Coast Train de Luxe at Gourock 18  
  Night Express from Euston to Jnverness (sic) 19  
  Glasgow Central, New Portion - Coast Train Arriving 20  
  Wemyss Bay Concourse/ Wemyss Bay Pier Steamer lvg 27  
  Gourock (Caledonian Railway) 35  
  Leadhills, Monument, Curfew Bell, Train Working  46  
  The Highways of the World, as seen from CR at Bowling 74  
  Balloch Train Departing, Callander Train Arriving 75  
  The Callander and Oban Standard Locomotive No. 55 Class 80  
  The Drive, Glencoe (Caledonian Railway, via Ballachullish) 88  
  Kinnaber Junction, Caledonian Train Approaching 100  
  CR 123 Racing from Carlisle to Edinburgh in 1888 106  
  Grampian Corridor Express Passing Stonehaven 126  
  Grampian Corridor Train 370  
  Caledonian Railway Express 4-6-0 Locomotive No.905 371  
  CR Princes St Hotel 505  
  The Dining Room Caledonian Station Hotel Edinburgh 506A  
  CR Princes St Hotel, shewing Castle & Gardens 510A  
  CR Company's Central Station Hotel, Glasgow 512  
  Caledonian Railway Hotel, Princes Street Station, Edinburgh 513  
  Dining Room Caledonian Railway Central Station Hotel Glasgow 515  
  Drawing Room Princes St Station Hotel (b&w) 520  
  Dining Room Princes St Station Hotel (b&w) 521  
  Central Station Hotel, Glasgow (b&w) 532  
  Edinburgh (Princes Street Station and Hotel) Caledonian Railway WC-012  
  Picking up Mail Bags at Full Speed (b&w) LNWR Official card