CRA4/2/1/2 - Commercial Postcards of CR Locomotives and Trains

Colour unless otherwise noted.

Archive Record




  Caledonian Railway, West Coast Express JWB-097  
  Latest Express Engine, Caledonian Railway (for working trains between Carlisle and Glasgow) KT-109  
  Caledonian Railway Express Locomotive, No.142  RM-562  
  2213, Aberdeen & Glasgow Express London Midland & Scottish Railway (Caledonian Section) SAL-590A  
  The "Cardean" No.903 SPD-633  
  Glasgow Express, Caledonian Railway (12-wheeled stock) RT-645  
  Highland Express Caledonian Railway RT-652  
  Caledonian Railway Glasgow Express  RT-705  
  Caledonian Express (4-4-0 paper train) JV-798  
  Caledonian Railway Express (4-4-0 ) Night Series JV-820  
  Caledonian Railway (4-6-0 CR50) JV-826  
  Cardean Caledonian Railway WK-908  
  Caledonian Railway (Express) WRE-925  
  Caledonian Railway (4-4-0) WRE-932  
  Six coupled Bogie Ecpress Locomotive, Caledonian Railway LPC-2006  
  12.35 Oban Ex.-Callander and Oban Branch- Caledonian Railway LPC-2215  
  2p.m. Express, Glasgow Central, near Eglinton Street LPC-2216  
  Caledonian Railway, No 50, "Sir James Thompson", 4-6-0 Express LPC-2219A  
  C.R. 2pm ex Glasgow West Coast Express, descending Beattock Bank. No 903. "Cardean"   LPC-2519  
  Caledonian Railway, 2pm Glasgow to Euston Express, passing Rockcliffe. Engine "Cardean" LPC-2220  
  Ambulance Train, Caledonian Railway LPC-2223  
  L.M.& S.R. (Caledonian Section).Trains passing at speed LPC-2596  
  4-6-0 Express Locomotives - Caledonian and London and North Western Railways LPC-2413  
  Caledonian Railway. 4-6-0. No. 179.  [reprint of LPC-2222] LPC-2504  
  C.R. 4-4-0 Express No.142 LPC-2533  
  Corridor Express, Caledonian Railway, leaving Stirling [LPC-2217] ALP-066  
  Scottish Region preserved Caledonian 4-2-2 No.123 and Coaches (from a painting by V. Welch)  IA-332  
  C.R. Single No.123 between Beattock and the Summit with a Carlisle- Glasgow train. IA-362  
  Old Single Passenger Locomotive No.7 Scottish Central Railway FCS-001  
  The following three cards reproduced and issued by Strathkelvin Library:    
  Opening of Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway, view at Provanmill (b&w) A2  
  Opening of Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway, view at St Rollox (b&w) A1  
  Opening of Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway, trains passing (colour card)