6 February 2021

Webinar: The Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway

Presented by John Paton.

As we are currently unable to meet in person, this meeting will be in the form of a webinar, which can you watch on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone. The event will start at 2pm on Saturday 6th February.

The webinar service does not require any additional software to be downloaded.  Those who register to attend the webinar will be sent a link by email to join the session.

Anyone wishing to attend the meeting should register by sending and email to our webmaster using the address in The True Line or through the website contact form  and selecting "Webinar Registration" fron the dropdown list.

You will receive an email from the webinar service 24 hours before the event. This will have a link to the webinar for you to use on the day of the event and also a link to enable you to test that your web connection and equipment in advance.

The email will show as coming from Caledonian Railway Association with the email address of webmaster.crassoc.org.uk[at]myownconference.email. The system will also automatically send you a reminder one hour before the session begins, and another afterwards to thank you for attending.

Note that your name and email will be recorded on the ‘my webinar’ system - but will not be shared or used by them other than for the purposes of issuing invites for the webinars - which is controlled by us directly. The provider is European based and governed by GDPR rules. Full details at https://myownconference.com/privacy-policy.php