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The Caledonian Railway Association has established an extensive Archive related to the The Caledonian Railway Company and all its operations, which is set out in detail in the Archive Catalogue. However this represents only a small proportion of the total surviving records of the Caledonian Railway, which are housed in a number of different Archives as set out below. The collections listed for each of the repositories are indicative only and the full extent of each archive should be ascertained from the individual web sites.

University of Glasgow - Business Records Centre (

Caledonian Railway Association Archive (CRA) see
Scottish Railway Collection (UGD 8)
Neilson Reid & Co. (UGD 10)
R. Y. Pickering & Co. (UGD 12)
A. G. Dunbar - Trade Union Collection (UGD 47)






The Mitchell Library, Glasgow (

Early Maps and Reports, including City Council Records
A G Dunbar - Photograph CollectioN
Glasgow Herald Newspaper




National Records of Scotland (

Caledonian Railway Records (BR/CAL)
Railway Maps and Plans (RHP)
Timetables BR/TT/S
Rule Books and Appendices BR/RB/S
Reports and Accounts BR/RAC/S
Other individual deposits are held as GD e.g. A.G. Dunbar's collection is GD344

Please note that many of the item in the National Records are stored off site and must be ordered 24 to 48 hours in advance of any planned visit.

Post 1923 company records are held under BR/LMS, and there are separate holdings for most of the constituent companies under BR/xxx (where xxx represents the abbreviation for the company as set out in the table e.g. the Garnkirk Railway will be found under BR/GGC.

National Library of Scotland (

Early Company Records and Reports on the Caledonian Railway
Early Maps and Plans
Ordnance Survey Maps
Scottish Screen Archive


National Archives, Kew (

Limited holdings of Caledonian Records held under RAIL
Extensive Collection of LMS Records in RAIL


National Railway Museum, York (

Photograph and Drawing Collections
Limited Collection of Original Caledonian Railway Records
Historical Journals, Publications and Books


Carlisle Archive Centre (

Cowan and Sheldon Records of Cranes and Turntables supplied to the Caledonian Railway
Records relating to the Joint Station,  Etterby Engine Shed and other Caledonian sites in Carlisle
Early Proposals for Railways to Link Lancashire with Glasgow 


Additional Bibliography

The books held as part of the CRA Archive are listed in the Catalogue as CRA1/8. Other titles which may be of interest to researchers are listed below. Although many are currently out of print, copies are generally available through the secondhand book trade. The CRA would welcome donations of a copy of any of the titles in the list to enhance our Archive collection.

("The" or "A" have been excluded if it is the first word of a title in the following list.)

Arbroath & Forfar Railway, by Niall Ferguson: Oakwood Press, ISBN 0 85361 545 4,


Britain's Railway Liveries, 1825 – 1948, by Ernest F Carter: Burke Publishing Ltd,


British Locomotive Catalogue, vol. 4, by B Baxter: Moorland Publishing,


Caledonian in LMS Days, by Niall Ferguson & David Stirling: Pendragon Publication, ISBN 9 781899 816156,


Caley to the Coast, by A.J.C. Clark: The Oakwood Press, ISBN 0 85361 580 2,


Centenary of the Caledonian Railway: LMS,


Drawn to Scottish Steam, by Bill Rhind Brown & Dugald Cameron: Strathwood, ISBN 1 905276 00 1,


Drummond Brothers, A Scottish Duo, by J E Chacksfield: Oakwood Press, ISBN 0 85361 632 9,


Glasgow Railway Memories by W.A.C Smith & Paul Anderson: Irwell Press, ISBN 9 781903 266090,


Locomotives Illustrated 133, Scottish 0-6-0 & 2-6-0 classes of LMS, by Brian Stephenson: RAS Publishing,


Locomotives Illustrated 144, LMS Scottish Passenger Tank Locos, by Brian Stephenson: RAS Publishing,


Locomotives Illustrated 154, LMS Scottish Goods Tank Locos, by Brian Stephenson: RAS Publishing,


Our Home Railways, part 11, by W J Gordon: Frederick Warne,


Our Railway History, by Rixon Bucknall: George Allen & Unwin,


Pre-Grouping Railways (part 3), by Heap & Riemsdijk: Science Museum, HMSO,


Railway Heraldry, by George Dow: David and Charles,


Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain, Volume 6 Scotland, The Lowlands and The Borders, by John Thomas: David & Charles,


Regional History of the Railways of Great Britain, Volume 15 North of Scotland,by John Thomas & David Turnock: David & Charles,


Scottish Locomotive History 1831 – 1923, by Campbell Highet: George Allen & Unwin,


Scottish Railway Locomotives: Glasgow Museum of Transport Guide,


Solway Junction Railway, by Stuart Edgar & John M. Sinton: Oakwood Press,


Springburn Story, by John Thomas: David & Charles,


Stars of Steam, Classic Locomotives & Their Engineers, by Geoffrey Williams: Atlantic, ISBN 0 906899 84 2


Through Scotland with the Caledonian Railway, by A J Mullay, Stenlake Publishing ISBN 9781840334913


Trains We Loved, by C Hamilton Ellis: George Allen & Unwin (Pan Books reprint),


Magazine Digest

Many of the contemporary Periodicals carried major articles on the Caledonian Railway and its Constituents; a major index of these articles is contained within the CRA Archive Catalogue reference CRA9/2.