Maps of the System

Maps of the Caledonian Railway

The Caledonian System stretched from Carlisle to Aberdeen and from Oban to Edinburgh. This network included, as well as the lines owned,the lines leased and/or worked, the two largest of which were the Callander & Oban and the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire railways. An aspect not clearly identified on most maps is the 52 chains of North British rails on which the Caledonian Railway exercised running rights to gain access to the Aberdeen road from the Motherwell to Glasgow line of railway.

Caledonian Railway - map from half yearly report for shareholders.
This style of map of the Caledonian System was part of the half yearly report to share holders and this one dated 1913 shows the full extent to which the network developed.

Carlisle: 1912 railway Clearing House map of Carlisle
This RCH map illustrates the multitude of lines which converged on Carlisle, the starting point (milepost 0) for the Caledonian Railway.

Glasgow: 1920 Railway Clearing House map of Glasgow, the Caledonian lines are in red.
The layout of the Caledonian lines in Glasgow were the result of the early decision to utilise the existing mineral lines in 1847 to gain access to the city and the separate development of the lines north and south of the River Clyde.

Gartsherrie, near Glasgow: 1920 Railway Clearing House map of Gartsherrie, showing the 52 chains of North British rails the Caledonian had to use to reach the northern line to Aberdeen
Reaching Glasgow by the existing mineral lines included the rails of the Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway. When this later became part of the North British, the Caledonian exercised running rights between Gartsherrie and Garnqueen South, a distance of 52 chains.

Larbert: 1913 Railway Clearing House map of Larbert and district showing the relationship between the rails of the Caledonian (red) and the North British (blue). Caledonian trains from Edinburgh to Stirling and beyond used the NB line through Falkirk Grahamston.
The Caledonian Railway of 1847 met the Scottish Central Railway at Greenhill. This remained the boundary between the Northern and Southern Divisions of the Company up until the Grouping in 1923.

Edinburgh: 1928 Railway Clearing House map of Edinburgh, the Caledonian lines are in red.
The Caledonian Railway in Edinburgh as illustrated on this 1928 RCH map.