The True Line - Archive and Binders

The quarterly Caledonian Railway Association Journal from Issue 1 has been digitised as a searchable pdf and is available to purchase as a file download.

Each printed page has been captured in full giving a true copy of all the text, diagrams and photographs as originally presented, which record/report many aspects of Caledonian Railway history.

First published as a Newsletter, comprising two folded A3 sheets in May 1983 and followed in 1984 by Journal 1, the two publications were merged after some 20 Newsletters and five Journals in March 1990 to form "The True Line" which has been issued to all members on a quarterly basis ever since.

With many of the early issues out of print and a demand from new members for copies of back numbers, all issues up to and including TTL148 have now been digitised.

There are three files available - the first containing Issues 1-120 of the True Line (Volumes 1-8) plus all copies of the Caledonian Journal.  Subsequent files have been produced for each volume of The True Line - Volume 9, containing issues 121-136 and Volume 10, containing issues 137-148.

Each file contains a single pdf file in which all the contents are shown in the original format with photographs and where the text is fully searchable across the valuable content of the of the Caledonian Railway Association's journal and newsletter.

If you are thinking of purchasing the files, why not join the Association at the same time (Annual Subscription £25.00), get thee files for the reduced members price of £10.00/£5.00 and ensure your supply of future issues of The True Line. Full details of how to join are available on our Membership page.

Index - each of the files above allow detailed search through all text across all issues of the newsletters and journals.  To complement this an index covering all the Issues on the disc is now available allowing a more focused search for specific topics.

Volumes 1-8       Volume 9 only     Volumes 1-9 inclusive     Volume 10

The True Line

The True Line Archive - Volume 1 to 8
Pages: 3817
File Size: 604MB
Member Price: £10.00
Issues 1-120 plus Caledonian Journal 1-5
The True Line Archive - Volume 9
Pages: 714
File Size: 130MB
Member Price: £5.00
Issues 121-136
The True Line Archive Volume 10
Pages: 556
File Size: 37MB
Member Price: £5.00
Issues 137-148